About Us

We are Smart Home International, LLC, the creators of the sports goods brand Qbottle. We identify in-demand products, address their shortcomings, and refine them. We don't hesitate to invite our friends and family to try them out. Our products are high-quality, safe, stylish, and convenient. Our team is dedicated to ensuring complete satisfaction, and we’re eager to assist and inspire you on your journey towards a healthy lifestyle.
Our Motto:
“The highest-quality products for home, leisure, and sports should be accessible to everyone.”
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Zybalov Valentin
Official Distributor in the USA
Qbottleshop is the official distributor of home, sports, and leisure gear in the USA. We understand how important it is to relax and take care of yourself. That is why we guarantee not only the quality of our products but also a high level of customer service. Our team will guide you in choosing the right equipment to suit your needs, and will answer any question that might arise. Entrust us to enhance your active lifestyle!

Our team

Valentin Zybalov
Company Director,
"We strive to improve the lives of our clients by offering high-quality and convenient products."
Andrei Jumatii
Head of Advertising and Marketing Department
"I take pleasure in promoting high-quality products that are accessible to everyone."
Andrew Popov
Head of Development Department
"We take pride in our efficient order processing as well as customer service."
Ulyana Jumatii
Social Media Optimization
"We post awesome reels featuring athletes and enthusiasts, motivating people to engage in sports and fitness."
Slava Duran
Head of Development Department
"We take pride in our efficient order processing as well as customer service."
Daniel Shpara
Project Development Manager
"We aim to stay ahead of trends, positioning the Ice Bath Tub project as an innovative product in the world of sports and health care."
Anna Isakova
"We've made the online store as stylish and convenient as our products."
We are seeking partners and are ready to consider any collaboration proposals. Join our reliable team and become part of a successful business in the sports industry.
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Our production of goods:
We manufacture high-quality and safe products.
How we do it:
1. Competitive pricing
Our products are manufactured in modern facilities in China.
2. High-quality
Rigorous quality checks and inspections are conducted at every stage of production: from material selection to final inspection before shipping.
3. Safety
We choose manufacturing processes that utilize environmentally friendly technologies. With Qbottleshop, you're not just getting a product, you're investing in quality, comfort, and your health.
4. Stylish and convenient
Firstly, we evaluate products already on the market and gather feedback from experienced users. In the second stage, we prepare sketches of the product without flaws + we add important product advantages and style. The finished product looks stylish and complements even the interior of very expensive real estate.